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<P><STRONG>The&nbsp;GCC-2 is a universal TFT/OLED Display&nbsp;driver Board and It is a fast, inexpensive production solution for adding a graphic user interface to an embedded product. GEMexpressTM allows for greater design flexibility and a shorter time to market </STRONG></P>
<P>This new hardware approach to GUI integration&nbsp; which is everything needed to drive the user interface. It just needs to be attached to a simple display interface board and the human interface is ready for production. As it’s easy to integrate Amulet sees it as the “express” lane to production: fast, easy and cost Effective</P>
<LI>Amulet AGB75LC04-BG-E 225-ball LFBGA GEM Graphical OS Chip™
<LI>Integrated resistive 4 or 5 wire touch panel decoder
<LI>Storage Capacity – 32megabit SerialFlash for storing GUI pages
<LI>256 megabit SDRAM (frame buffer)
<LI>Serial Interfaces – 3.3&nbsp;V&nbsp;UART, TWI, USB
<LI>Two 50 Pin Interface Connectors for LCD signals, power and serial communication
<LI>Dedicated Crystal for System
<LI>Small and compact 1.5” x 3.0”, fits with in the outline of a 3.5” TFT</LI></UL></DIV></SPAN></SPAN>