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现货数量: 1,000

在途数量: 0
工厂库存:工厂库存: 0
工厂货期: 28 周
起订量: 1
递增量: 1
数量 价格
1 ¥0.8945
250 ¥0.7721
500 ¥0.7575
1,000 ¥0.7438
2,500+ ¥0.7164

¥ 0.89



Attributes Table
Capacitance 1nF
Dielectric X7R
Rated Voltage 50V
Tolerance (%) ±10%
Dissipation Factor 10%
Capacitance Change Rate ±15%
Insulation Resistance 100GΩ
Case Size 0805 (2012 Metric)
Operating Temp Range -55°C to +125°C

The 08055C102KAT2A is a 0805 (2012 metric) package 50 volt X7R dielectric 1000 pF capacitor with a tolerance of +/- 10%.  The 08055C102KAT2A has plated Ni (Nickel) and Sn (Tin) termination and comes in 7 inch reels.

X7R formulations are called “temperature stable” ceramics and fall into EIA Class II materials. X7R is the most popular of these intermediate dielectric constant materials. Its temperature variation of capacitance is within ±15% from -55°C to +125°C. This capacitance change is non-linear.

Capacitance for X7R varies under the influence of electrical operating conditions such as voltage and frequency. X7R dielectric chip usage covers the broad spectrum of industrial applications where known changes in capacitance due to applied voltages are acceptable.