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现货数量: 300

在途数量: 0
工厂库存:工厂库存: 0
工厂货期: N/A
起订量: 300
递增量: 300
数量 价格
300+ ¥17.6538

¥ 5,296.14



Attributes Table
Average Rectified Current-Max 30A
Reverse Voltage-Max [Vrrm] 600V
Reverse Current-Max 100µA
Forward Voltage 2.1V
Reverse Recovery Time-Max 40ns

The FFH30S60S is a 600 V 30 A stealth2 rectifier with soft recovery characteristics. It is silicon nitride passivated ion-implanted epitaxial planar construction. 

This device is intended for use as freewheeling of boost diode in switching power supplies and other power swithching applications. Their low stored charge and hyperfast soft recovery minimize ringing and electrical noise in many power switching circuits reducing power loss in the switching transistors.


  • High Speed Switching, trr 40ns @ IF = 30 A
  • High Reverse Voltage and High Reliability
  • RoHS compliant


  • General Purpose
  • Switching Mode Power Supply
  • Boost Diode in continuous mode power factor corrections
  • Power switching circuits

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