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Product Specification Section
Pricing Section

现货数量: 15,400

在途数量:Order inventroy details 814,000
工厂库存:工厂库存: 47,596
工厂货期: 5-10 天
起订量: 2,200
递增量: 2,200
数量 价格
2,200 ¥1.3216
4,400+ ¥1.2517

¥ 2,907.52



Attributes Table
Size Tab 0.250" x 0.032"
Style Insulation Support
Type Receptacle
Wire Gauge AWG 22-18
Color Red
Contact Plating Tin
Gender Female
Operating Temp Range 105°C
Voltage Rating 600V
Shielding No

The Ultra-Fast 22-18 AWG is a Fully Insulated FASTON Receptacle and Tab offers the advantage of a completely protected terminal and a wire crimp with comparable electromechanical performance to open barrel “F” crimp FASTON Terminals. The “User-Friendly” design combines easy mating with rounded corners.

Ultra-Fast Fully Insulated FASTON Receptacles, Flag Receptacles and Tabs preclude the need for costly electrical safety interlocks or special protective shields to help prevent shock hazards. In addition, electrical short circuits from exposed leads are eliminated, even in equipment requiring close contact spacing.


  • Terminal Type = Receptacle
  • Proprietary Name = Ultra-Fast
  • Receptacle Style = Flag
  • Mating Area Interface Dimensions (mm [in]) = 6.35 x 0.81 [.250 x .032]
  • Material = Brass
  • Insulation Diameter (mm [in]) = 4.19 [.165] Max
  • Insulation Support = Non-Insulation Support
  • Finish = Tin

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