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现货数量: 6

在途数量: 0
工厂库存:工厂库存: 0
工厂货期: N/A
起订量: 6
递增量: 66
数量 价格
66+ ¥27.7972

¥ 166.78



Attributes Table
Supply Voltage-Nom 0.5V to 7V
No of Functions / Channels 1
Interface ISA

The RTL8019AS-LF is a full-duplex ethernet controller with plug and play function.

The RTL8019AS integrates the RTL8019A and 16K-byte SRAM in a single chip. It is designed not only to provide more friendly functions but also to save the effort of SRAM source and inventory.


  • 100-pin PQFP
  • 16 K byte SRAM built in
  • Compliant to Ethernet II and IEEE802.3 10Base5, 10Base2, 10BaseT
  • Supports UTP, AUI & BNC auto-detect
  • Software compatible with NE2000 on both 8 and 16-bit slots
  • Supports jumper, jumperless and PnP modes
  • Supports PnP auto detect mode
  • Supports Full-Duplex Ethernet function to double channel bandwidth
  • Supports three level power down modes:
    • Sleep
    • Power down with internal clock running clock
    • Power down with internal halted
  • Built-in data prefetch function to improve performance
  • Supports auto polarity correction for 10BaseT
  • Support 8 IRQ lines
  • Supports IO address fully decode mode
  • Supports 16 K, 32 K, 64 K and 16 K-page mode access to BROM (up to 256 pages with 16 K bytes/page), and Flash memory read/write
  • Supports BROM disable command to release memory after remote boot
  • Capable of programming blank 9346 on board for manufacturing convenience
  • Support 4 diagnostic LED pins with programmable outputs
  • Improves the blinking problem of CRS LED when the cable is not connected


  • ISA NIC cards
  • Embedded systems such as ADSL routers, IP sharing routers (NAT), printer servers and cable modems