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现货数量: 37,017

在途数量: 0
工厂库存:工厂库存: 8
工厂货期: 12 周
起订量: 10
递增量: 1
数量 价格
10 ¥10.9445
50 ¥9.4155
100 ¥9.174
250 ¥8.9326
500+ ¥8.7717

¥ 109.44



Attributes Table
Contact Form SPST (1 Form A)
Nominal Coil Voltage 12V
Contact Current-Max 40A

Traditional craftsmanship and engineering excellence have long been the trademarks of American Zettler relays. For more than 100 years Zettler has established a worldwide reputation for superior performance.American Zettler, headquartered in California, produces over forty different types of relays to meet the many specific requirements of commercial and industrial applications.

Because of their high reliability, American Zettler relays are used in a wide range of demanding applications including telecommunications systems, computer peripheral and office automation equipment, home appliances, security systems, test and measurement devices, industrial controls and many other types of electric and electronic equipment.

The AZ2150 series relay is 40 Amp miniature power relay. The AZ2150 series offers voltage ratings from 5 to 110 volts.  This package is available in both a Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) (-1A) contact arrangements and Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) contact arrangement (-1C).

Boasting a life expectancy of 10,000,000 operations, the AZ2150 is an extremely durable and reliable relay choice.  The AZ2150 is also available with an expoxy sealed (called out by an “E” at the end of the part number – ex: AZ2150-1AC-24DE)

The AZ2150-1A-12DEF is a 40 amp miniature power relay with a nominal coil voltage of 12 VDC.  The AZ2150-1A-12DEF is fully sealed and has a SPST contact arrangement.