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现货数量: 0

在途数量: 0
工厂库存:工厂库存: 0
工厂货期: 8 周
起订量: 600
递增量: 30
数量 价格
30 ¥28.6617
60 ¥23.3022
150 ¥22.2148
300+ ¥21.438

¥ 12,862.80



Attributes Table
CE Voltage-Max 600V
Collector Current @ 25C 70A
Power Dissipation-Tot 250W
Gate - Emitter Voltage ±20V
Pulsed Collector Current 220A
Collector - Emitter Saturation Voltage 2.7V
Turn-on Delay Time 46ns
Turn-off Delay Time 164ns
Qg Gate Charge 135nC
Reverse Recovery Time-Max 45ns
Input Capacitance 2870pF
Thermal Resistance 50°C/W
Operating Temp Range -55°C to +150°C
No of Terminals 3

The STGW40NC60KD is a 600 V short circuit rugged insulated gate bipolar transistor. It utilizes the advanced PowerMESH process resulting in an excellent trade-off between switching performance and low on-state behavior.


  • Low on-voltage drop (VCE(sat))
  • Low Cres / Cies ratio (no cross conduction susceptibility)
  • Short circuit withstand time 10 μs
  • IGBT co-packaged with ultra fast free-wheeling diode


  • High frequency inverters
  • Motor drivers