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现货数量: 0

在途数量: 0
工厂库存:工厂库存: 40,072
工厂货期: 5-10 天
起订量: 20,000
递增量: 5,000
数量 价格
5,000 ¥0.7309
10,000+ ¥0.6943

¥ 13,886.00



Attributes Table
Style Non-Insulated
Type Crimp Contact
Wire Gauge AWG 18-22

The 175265-1 is a 1 Position 22 - 18 AWG Straight Receptacle Cable Mount connectors.These AMP 040 Series MULTILOCK Connectors are a miniature high-density connector used as an I/O connector for automotive applications.

The plug and cap housings for wire termination are of housing lance design. The receptacle and tab contacts used in these housings have no lance and, consequently, there is no possibility of contacts tangling with one another or of contact lances being deformed. The contacts are of crimp, snap-in type. The receptacle contact, made of highly resilient and conductive KLF-5 material, provides a high contacting force due to its double-spring construction.

This spring is encased in a box-shaped receptacle and is highly resistant to damage. Both plug and wire to wire cap housings have an integral double-lock mechanism for positive contact loading. Despite their small size, these housings are durable and dependable, and protect contacts against possible damage by rocking action at mating/unmating.  

Product Features:

  • Product Type = Contact
  • Wire/Cable Type = Discrete Wire
  • Proprietary Name = MULTILOCK
  • Product Series = 040 II / 070 II
  • Wire Range (mm [AWG]) = 0.30-0.90² [22-18]
  • Contact Type = Receptacle
  • Contact Base Material = Copper Alloy
  • Contact Plating, Mating Area, Material = Pre-Tin

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