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现货数量: 24

在途数量: 0
工厂库存:工厂库存: 0
工厂货期: N/A
起订量: 1
递增量: 1
数量 价格
1+ ¥327.819

¥ 327.82



Attributes Table
Application Type Bluetooth
Core Supported QN9020
Frequency 2.4 GHz

The QN9020 Mini development kit comes equipped with a J-link debugger on board, to debug and program NXP’s QN9020 Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy SoC with the main IDE, QBlue. The development kit provides easy access to peripherals such as buttons, Piezo buzzer and LED. The board also provides useful interfaces such as a USB port for UART communication and JLink debug, and a GPIO/optional sensor board connector.


  • Contains Jlink-OB offering SWD and UART interfaces for QN9020 debug
  • Mini USB port for power and communication port
  • Power source select jumper used for power source selection
  • Current measurement jumpers used for measuring the QN9020 device
  • LED1/2 used as output to indicate QN9020 status
  • Extended QN9020 GPIO Port used for interface extension
  • UART interface used as communication port for QN9020 device 

Tool Chain:

  • Keil MDK-ARM


  • Sports & Fitness
  • Healthcare & medical
  • Remote control
  • Smartphone accessories
  • PC peripherals (mouse, keyboard)
  • Wireless Sensor networks

Kit Contains:

  • QN9020 DK Board
  • QN9020 USB dongle
  • USB cable