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• Extended Preferred Delivery Date 

• PCB footprints, symbols and 3D models from SamacSyc now available 

• Global Inventory visibility 

• Rename & Personalize your online account 

• Preferred Shipping from Singapore DC available in Checkout for linked accounts on China Site

Extend your Preferred Delivery Date up to 18 months

*For Linked Customers

You now have the same window to select your preferred delivery date online similar to your offline experience with Future Electronics. This will be available by order and you can select your preferred delivery date during the checkout process. 



Now Available: PCB Footprints, 3D Models & Symbols for ECAD Designs

Look for the following symbols when browsing products on FutureElectronics.com. Download the footprint, symbol or even 3D model of your desired product, or request a build if a design is not available in the library of models.

To learn more, click the tooltip next to the icons, or Click here




Global stock now showing by Distribution Center on product pages

View stock from each of our Distribution Centers by clicking the tooltip seen below. You will now see the Ready to Ship! Indication to confirm availability of product.



When on the Product Page, you will see the following information immediately:



Rename and personalize your account

You can now modify the name of your account to better represent your business, or to something more meaningful to you. Simply select add/edit a nickname from the customer dashboard (see image below).

Note: Our default naming is to use your BillTo account.



Preferred Shipping from singapore DC available in Checkout for linked accounts on China Site

Linked Accounts can choose Preferred Shipping in Checkout if parts ship from singapore DC (see image below).



Questions or Concerns?  

If you have any questions related to the most recent website enhancements, or if you need assistance for your online orders, please Contact Us