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Shanghai, April 2, 2019 - Future Lighting Solutions, a leading supplier of solid-state lighting and supply chain solutions, announced that it has successfully accomplished the Shanghai Changning District tennis court lighting retrofit project. The project uses OSRAM PrevaLED Sky high-power integrated modules to replace traditional metal halogen lamps. This solution has improved overall performance and reliability, increased illumination by two times and reduced 60% of the power consumption.


In the earlier tennis court lighting applications, traditional gas discharge lamps were usually used, which had a limited life span and obvious light attenuation, requiring frequent replacement and high maintenance costs. Entrusted by the end customer, Shanghai Diyao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. undertakes the project and hopes Future Electronics can retrofit the tennis court lighting design based on customer needs, to provide a LED lighting solution which is safe, reliable and easy to maintain, and also enhance the comfort of nighttime play. 


To this end, Future Lighting Solutions and OSRAM team work closely together. Based on the considerations of waterproof design and illumination pattern, they provided customers with a LED solution which consists of 8 high-efficiency 50 W OSRAM PrevaLED Sky modules (400W in total). It successfully replaced the original 1000W metal halogen lamps, giving Shanghai Changning District tennis court a new look and improving the comfort of the players.


FLS tennis court lighting.png


“Future Lighting Solutions is trustworthy in the LED industry for its 10 years of professional design and service capabilities. OSRAM is a famous supplier and the PrevaLED Sky modules recommended by Future Lighting Solutions are safe, reliable, high quality products which have received high praise from customers,” said Pauli Leu, General Manager for Shanghai Diyao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 

“OSRAM is committed to the transformation from traditional lighting to intelligent lighting. OSRAM digital lighting systems provides customers with system solutions including light engine modules, LED power supplies, and intelligent control systems. We are very pleased to work with our China partner Future Electronics to promote high-quality OSRAM PrevaLED SKY modules to stadium lighting, bringing customers a professional, energy-saving and comfortable lighting environment,”
said Emily Huang, sales director for OSRAM digital lighting systems Greater China.
“Stadium lighting is an emerging segment and has huge market potential. This application puts high requirements on the optical design, energy saving, environmental protection, waterproof rating and mechanical structure of the luminaires. We are very pleased to work with the OSRAM team to successfully enter this new field and gain valuable experience. It is no doubt that we will win more projects and work together to promote the progress and development of stadium lighting in China,” said Aaron Wu, senior sales director for Future Lighting Solutions China.
About Future Lighting Solutions:
Future Lighting Solutions is a leading provider of solid-state lighting technologies, engineering expertise and online simulation and design tools. Our mission is to facilitate application development and accelerate customers’ time to market. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a broad selection of LED system components, and integrated solutions that enable our customers to manufacture cost effective, energy efficient lighting applications.
Future Lighting Solutions provides a comprehensive range of LED light sources including high-power LEDs, mid-power LEDs, low-power LEDs, CoB, LED arrays, LED modules and LED light engines. Our portfolio is completed with a range of optical solutions, LED drivers, passive and active thermal solutions, connectors and controls.
Future Lighting Solutions’ world-class team of lighting experts, along with our global lighting resource centers, supply chain solutions and network of specialized partners, ensure the highest quality solid-state lighting solutions for customers.