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"During this 'anti COVID-19' period, we are very grateful that Future Electronics' supply chain services ensure the on-time delivery of our products. The situation overseas is still quite serious now and we want to do our best to provide some face masks to Future Electronics’ overseas distribution centers. We hope we can help."

Mr. Alex Chen
Suzhou Etron Technologies Co., Ltd. 
Board Secretary and Deputy General Manager
The COVID-19 pandemic of this year is a great challenge for the collaboration between the upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry and the supply chain service. Currently, Future Electronics' global distribution centers are in normal operation. We have made many important measures to ensure the continuity of our operations and the safety of our employees. Meanwhile, we are very appreciated of the cares and supports from our partners.
Recently, Suzhou Etron Technologies showed great concern for operation status of Future Electronics’ global Distribution Centers and proposed to donate some face masks to Future, hoping to provide some support to Future Electronics in return to their efforts to ensure the security of supply.
At the donation ceremony, Mr. YH Chin, Corporate Vice-President of Future Electronics Asia Pacific, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Xindong Qian, Chairman of Suzhou Etron Technologies via video call. They also discussed about the further cooperation and market expectations.
"Medical market has always been one of Etron’s focused markets. We have many domestic and foreign medical customers. During the epidemic, Etron resumed normal operation early and had received some orders from medical customers, some of which were for emergency support of hospitals in Wuhan. Therefore, we have been protecting the supply of medical products throughout the epidemic. As Etron’s most important partner, Future Electronics provides excellent supply chain services and Bonded Inventory Program (BIM) to ensure the on-time delivery of our products. We are very grateful and glad to do our best to provide some face masks to Future Electronics' overseas distribution centers," said Mr. Tong Chen, Board Secretary and Deputy General Manager of Suzhou Etron Technologies. 
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"At the same time, Etron has also developed certain material channels to provide some support to our supply chain partners and customers. Therefore, if Future Electronics' global offices have further needs, we are very glad to provide continuous support," added Mr. Tong Chen.


Regarding the recognition and support of protective materials from partners, James Yang, Sales Director of Future Electronics, said, "Future Electronics and Etron are important strategic partners of each other. Both companies match well in terms of business models and target concepts. We are very grateful to Etron for their help during this special period. Customer’s supply chain security remains our top priority. Our Asia-Pacific distribution center in Singapore and our global distribution center in North America also maintain normal operations. We will prioritize customer satisfaction at the very highest level to keep the good cooperation."


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 As a local company that provides EMS services to global customers, Suzhou Etron Technologies has a 10-year cooperation with Future Electronics. We have established a long-term and good cooperation. Mr. Tong Chen expresses his recognition to Future Electronics’ supply chain system. He believes, "The business models of Future Electronics and Etron match with each other very well. Relatively speaking, Etron is a provider of flexible electronic manufacturing services which can meet the HMLV (high mix low volume) requirements. The supply chain system of Future Electronics is also very flexible. Future’s first-class supply chain services such as Bonded Inventory Program (BIM) ensure flexible delivery and logistics security to us."

Future Electronics is committed and will continue to prioritize all customers at the very highest level. Our distribution centers around the world are all in normal operation.
But please also be noted that, during the pandemic of COVID-19, as most electronics manufacturers may not be running at optimal capacity due to the various disruptions currently across the world, we encourage customers to plan ahead and adhere to the plan closely.  At Future Electronics, our investment in inventory and our Bonded Inventory Program (BIM), remains as a best-in-class supply chain strategy to protect any short- term fluctuations for your demand.
We are also working closely with all our manufacturers to source and support components that are needed for the manufacture of critical care Medical Equipment, especially Respiratory Equipment and Ventilators that will save lives. If you are involved in the build of these life-saving equipment, please contact your Future sales representative for all your requirements and any support you need to manufacture them.