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August 7, 2019 - Future Electronics Sensor Tech Day was successfully held in Shenzhen office. We invited five well-known sensor manufacturers in the industry to attend the tech seminar and share the latest technologies and product solutions with us.




Sean Xu, Regional Technical Manager of Future Electronics, made a welcome speech and a brief introduction of Future Electronics to the participants. Future Electronics’ inventory management and customer Elite program have been widely recognized by our customers. In particular, the multi-level service model provided by Future’s technical team gained strong commendation from customers. As a company that is committed to Demand Creation, technical support is always our focus.




Next, it is the show time for each manufacturer.

The first one is Melexis, which has been deeply involved in the automotive industry for many years. “Melexis is not a US company, but a European company.” The opening remark by Kevin Qi, FAE of Melexis, instantly motivated the atmosphere of the venue. He talked about the technical principle of current sensors, the technical advantages of Melexis, and the applications of current sensors in EV BMS and inverters, from which the customers benefited a lot. Of course, Melexis’ Triaxis 3D Hall Effect Sensor was also introduced at the seminar. From the first generation to the third generation, Melexis will always provide customers with stable and efficient solutions.




The next is STMicroelectronics, which has always been at the forefront of the MEMS sensor market. Eric Dong, Technical Marketing Engineer of STMicroelectronics, introduced the infinite possibilities of ST sensing solutions in a range of fields such as consumer applications and the booming industry 4.0. In a word, STMicroelectronics can provide customized solutions for different scenarios, such as motion tracking, air pressure monitoring, motor vibration, and ambient temperature and humidity, etc.



Besides the speeches, we also prepared tea break for the participants.


After the tea break, John Wang, FAE Manager of ams, started the second half of the seminar. ams focuses on market segments where sensor demand is strong and provides high performance sensor solutions. ams is the leader in three major sensing areas of optics, image and audio. Its products include multi-spectral sensors for food sweetness, liquid turbidity and skin color, 1D ToF sensors for ranging, temperature sensors for cold chain transport, NFC sensors, color temperature and illumination sensors for intelligent lighting control, as well as sensors for ECG, pulse, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, etc.



The appearance of Maxim also caught everyone’s attention. Maxim has been committed to analog and mixed-signal solutions. “We don’t have many sensors for industry applications, but we have powerful I/O links and interface technology that work with sensors,” said Wei Wei, FAE of Maxim.


As the so-called “1 and 1 is greater than 2”, strong alliances can maximize the products advantages. In the following explanation, Wei Wei showed the strength of Maxim in temperature sensor solutions, I/O link technology, and RS485 transceivers.




Renesas, which appeared as the grand finale, brought the re-integrated sensor technology solutions. Pearson Liang, FAE of Renesas, introduced Renesas’ sensor signal conditioner IC, TVOCs for air quality, humidity sensors for environment monitoring, and digital flow sensors. The excellent speech made everyone forget the Chinese Valentine's Day and just want to have a deep date with Future Electronics.