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  1.Technology and solutions for wearable applications

In this seminar, we will introduce Maxim’s unique solutions and applications of wearable devices, including high-precision and low-power sensor integrated front-end, integrated PMIC power supply technology, ultra-low power IoT processor, algorithm Hub, as well as HSP101 and other development platforms.

Speaker: Xin Yi

Application engineer, TTS at Maxim Integrated, who is responsible for the technical support and training of Maxim products, and is engaged in technical support for Japan. Xin Yi joined Maxim in 2018 and graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Fudan University with Master of Science and Bachelor of Science respectively.







2.IO-LINK solutions

IO-Link is the first open, fieldbus-independent, low-cost, point-to-point serial communication bus protocol for communicating with sensors and actuators. It has been adopted as an international standard (IEC 61131-9). Maxim has developed various products based on IO-Link technology to help customers solve system design problems effectively. In this seminar, we will discuss IO-Link technology in detail and introduce Maxim's IO-Link sensors, transceiver products and related reference designs.

Speaker: Jia Ning

Manager of TTS (Training and Technical Support) unit at Maxim Integrated.






  3.Low power MCU

 Introducing MCU

  • IoT, wearable and industrial low-power processor solutions
  • The performance and applications of Maxim’s low-power processors
  • Comprehensive design and support resources

Lecturer: Duan Wei

Senior application engineer at Maxim Integrated






4.Maxim TWS application solutions

TWS earphone is the most popular earphone in the current headphone market. In this seminar, we will discuss the challenges in the TWS headset design process and Maxim's corresponding solutions. The solutions to be discussed include: bidirectional DC power line communication for PLC (MAX20340), buck-boost IC (MAX20343) with dynamic voltage scaling (DVS), high-precision fuel gauge, audio amp, MCU, etc.

Speaker: Fang Liang

Senior application engineer, who has long been engaged in technical support for medical and industrial customers, and has extensive experience in software and hardware design.